Reclaimed architectural elements have the biggest story to tell.

More than any other product in our assortment, reclaimed architectural elements have the biggest story to tell. In addition to increasing the sustainability of a project, reclaimed materials add an authenticity and antiquity lacking in newly manufactured materials. Whether you’re recreating a traditional entryway or re-imagining an exterior fireplace, the following collections represent the finest reclaimed surfaces, where everything old is new again.

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Blind Text

Great Wall Pavers

Used to construct some of China’s most traditional government offices and residences, these black and orange clay bricks and veneers have in recent years become scrap in favor of new construction materials. Since its exclusive introduction to the SOLI assortment in 2013, the pavers have become a popular material for fireplace mantels and outdoor living rooms.

Reclaimed Cast Iron

Reclaimed Cast Iron triangles and squares were recovered from a brewery in the United Kingdom.The linear relief on the surface of each piece was initially designed for drainage and slip resistance throughout the building. Circa early  1900s, each tile bears a unique patina, but can be sandblasted to a fine silver finish.

Enaustic Tile

The production process for encaustic tiles ensures that each piece can be reused for centuries. Colored cement is poured into a pre-fabricated mold, creating a thru-body design that wears with each tile. Reclaimed from Egypt, Mexico and Italy.

Due to the rarity of reclaimed materials, stock is limited. If you are interested in purchasing or specifying any reclaimed materials for an upcoming project, contact us immediately for availability.

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